Friday, 9 January 2015

Goodnight Mr Tom

Hi guys,

I want to review an excellent read which I have just finished enjoying. Year 6 reading group, Rowling, has had the pleasure of enduring this book. The title is only one special part of this adventurous story. The main characters are Mr Tom who takes in timid William Beech but becomes known as 'Will.' The story is a concept of the relationships between Will and the people of his new the village of Little Weirwold. I would recommend this book to anyone over the age of 8 years old.  

By Liam Cassley :)

Thursday, 4 December 2014

'Cinderella & Rockerfella' Year 5 & 6 Christmas Panto

Cinderella & Rockerfella

Hiya Guys,

Just a sneak-peek at what Cefn Fforest's Year 5 & 6 are doing for their Christmas Show 2014. The production is a twist on the original story of Cinderella. The changes include: Prince Charming is a Rock star called Rockerfella or 'Rocky' for short; Buttons who has a playful dog named Teaser who, as the story carries on, gains a voice and helps to save the day. Also, additional events occur throughout the story such as: A concert, many songs, a talent contest and a lovey-dovey baker's scene!

Here are some of the characters:
  • Cinderella: Kali Webber
  • Buttons: Liam Cassley
  • Rockerfella: Alfie Phillips
  • Fairy Nasty Boots: Olivia Prichard
  • Augustina: Kieran Callaghan
  • Anastasia: Morgan Phillips
  • Teaser (The Dog): Lauren Thomas
  • Naughty Kitty: Brandon Harris
  • Dan Deeny: Rory Bott
We Will tell you how it goes after the performances are over!

By Liam Cassley, Olivia Prichard and Ella Davies

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Michael Morpurgo's Books

Michael Morpurgo’s Books

Here is a list of some of his books (Sorry if I don’t get them all) :

Billy the Kid, Private Peaceful, The Butterfly Lion, Little Manfred, Alone on a Wide Wide Sea, An Elephant in the Garden, Fox Friend, War Horse, Farm Boy (Sequel to War Horse), Private Peaceful, Why the Whales Came, The White Horse of Zennor, My Friend Walter, Waiting for Anya, The Last Wolf, Little Foxes, Running Wild, Adolphus Tips, Mr Skip, Twist of Gold, The War of Jenkins’s Ear, Kaspar Prince of Cats, The Sleeping Sword, Shadow, Who’s a Bully Then?, Tom’s Sausage Lion, Wartman, Friend or Foe, The Dancing Bear, The Ghost of Grania O’Malley, Escape from Shangri-La, King of the Cloud Forests, Toro! Toro!, Dear Olly, A Medal for Leroy, Sparrow, Outlaw, Not Bad for a Bad Lad, Born to Run, The Nine Lives of Montezuma , Black Queen, Cool!

I hope in the future that you may want to read some of these fantastic books. I have nearly read the entire set. If I didn’t get them all, please let me know so I could add them :-)

By Liam Cassley (Digital Ambassador and reading addict)

Our Class Assembly

Hiya guys Morgan and Olivia here,

In 6NK we have been practicing our class assembly about WW2, evacuation and rationing. We have included facts, songs and a drama. Our drama included Rory as the farther, Olivia as the mother and Liam and Ellie.J as the children. We also have some Narrators and reporters. We preformed our assembly yesterday and it went great. Loads of parents and children joined in with the songs (Daisy Daisy, Run Rabbit and wish me luck as you wave me goodbye.) 

Bye !!

Monday, 27 October 2014

'Freaked Out' Book Review

Hiya guys,

Recently, we have come across a AMAZING book called 'Freaked Out' by Simon Pridham. It explains everything from turning an iPad on to security and control. It's got everything you need to know about using an iPad. This book gives us a clear step-by-step guide of all the apps we have in school. It's SO EASY to follow, even the TEACHERS could follow it! :) Our favourite part of this incredible book is the guide to using the app 'Aurasma' because it tells you how to create an account and make your object pop out and show on your screen. It was so clearly explained.

As the book says technology has developed since the last decade. It has a whole chapter about the digital leader system and great apps that they could learn how to use. They could teach other children that are maybe a lower level in I.C.T.
Whether you don't really know anything about iPads or I.C.T or are looking to improve what you already know, this book will really help you because it tells you these following things: How to download apps, How to put it on sleep, Use siri and loads more! Another FANTASTIC thing about this book is the fact that is interactive! This means that you don't always have to read to get the right information. Throughout this book, QR Codes have been placed so that you can get the information're learning is instant. We love the way that the Digital Leaders are used in the videos and tutorials too! Great idea!!!!

We hope to purchase more copies so we can get the whole school reading and learning TOGETHER! This book is really useful for all ages and is available to buy so go and get your copy now!! Thank you to Mr Stone for purchasing this first copy, it has already helped us loads!

By (Year 6 Digital Ambassadors) Liam Cassley, Olivia Prichard & Ella Davies.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Before we begin anything, let us introduce our 'friend to be', Simon Pridham who has written a guide to use an iPad. He is the king of Learning and teaching in the form of I.C.T! We hope to purchase more copies so we can get the whole school reading and learning! It features lots of apps such as Aurasma, Red Laser, Twitter and so much more. We think that this book inspiring because it features all that we have learnt and we can share it with others!

Hi Guys,
Its Liam Cassley, Ella Davies, Olivia Prichard and we're the Digital Ambassadors of Cefn Fforest Primary for this year. As we've already talked about, we have purchased the amazing guide called 'Freaked Out!' This will really help us to create and reform our Digital Leaders. Luckily for us, it explains all of what Digital leaders are and what we do. Quite simply we can share this by adding our own organization and making it public. We have followed on this information and idea to a close school called Millbrook Primary which we are hoping to do a project with in the future about I.C.T. The pattern that we both have followed includes the system of:

  1. Begin by becoming a Digital Apprentice (Year 3)
  2. Follow on in your new school year by becoming a Digital Leader (Year 4)
  3. Learn new skills but you will still be a Digital Leader (Year 5)
  4. Become a Digital Ambassador or a Year 6 Digital Leader and become in charge of I.T in your school before you make the jump to comp! (Year 6)

 Now over to the most exciting news..........Our Digital Ambassadors and our amazing I.C.T teacher, Mr Stone, have been lucky enough to have the chance to Skype the king....Simon Pridham! On Tuesday we are preparing for an exciting call with him where we can talk about his fantastic book and ideas for the Digital Leaders.
Bye Guys, Hope you get some useful tips from us
We can't wait for our chat with Simon,
Liam, Ella, Olivia!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Cefn Fforest trip to London Day 1

Hi its Dan here! On March the 26th at 8:00 am we went to London (we were all so exited). Firstly we went to pick up Coed-y-Bryn Primary School, then we were on our way.

Our first stop was at the Natural History Museam, as soon as we walked in there was a GIGANTIC dinosaur. Next we all split up into groups it was Mr Evans's group and Mr Stone's group joined together, Mrs Farmer's group joined Mrs Kemp's group but went round the dinosaur exhibition together, after that the two groups split. Weirdly the both went to the same place in the museam,they went to the volcanoes and earthquakes exbidition (the boys were late for the bus :)).

After the Museam we crossed London to get to Covent Gardens! The atmosphere was electric, there were stalls everywhere people shouting, screaming and yelling hoping that somebody would buy their product(s).

Next it was tea time! In Planet Hollywood there was facanating objects everywhere (everywhere). On the menu there was a choice of cheeseburgers, plainburgers, veggieburgers or pasta, the meals were massive.

After that we went to the amazing thing that is... The Lion King! It had amazing costumes (the whole thing was people, amazing). I loved it I would rate it 10/10 because they followed the storyline of the The Lion King but they put their own twist on it. We eventuly got back to the hotel about eleven'o'clock.  

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

App of the Week Issue 2

Hey guys it's Dan! It's time for another app of the week ( issue 2 ). This weeks app of the week is Move the turtle! This app is a programing app which is used to develop your programing skills, it has lots of levels. The aim is to program the turtle to collect the diamonds and complete the level objective(s).
I would rate this app 9 / 10 because it is a good app because it has multiple levels and it is easy to understand, I only rated it a 9 because they could add more sets of commands. Bye!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

App Of The Week! :)

Hiya! It's Holly and Dan. The app of the week this week is...
Scrabble. We chose this app because it develops our literacy skills such as spelling, reading and it extends your vocabulary.

It also incourages you to use a dictionary to find definitions of words.

We rate this app 9 / 10, The thing we like about this app is that you can use it whenever or wherever you go. It could improve by being able to play more games at once. Please download this app it's really good and you will be able to see a difference in your literacy skills straight away! Bye!    

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Hey guys, Olivia here! Today I shall be blogging about the first inter-generation club her at Cefn Fforest primary and about Pudsey Bear day!

Although the club happened on 15 November I decided I would inform you about it!  There was about 7 ladies show up along with their carers! We played bingo with them and also Pudsey Bear!
We also played connected four, Jenga, Guess who, Scrabbble and Dominos. We had food with them along with some of the teachers.

So as said before in this blog Pudsey Bear day was on 15 November. Classes came up with ideas to raise money. Mrs Roden-Sharpe's class made Rocky Roads, Mr Stone's went on the wii, Mr Johnson's class did guess which square pudsey is in, Miss James's class Muffins and Mrs Kemp's class made Badges and Book marks ( there was lots of other classes but its to much to list)!

This was quite a short blog but I just wanted to keep you updated!

Blog again soon,

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Science Morning

Hey guys it's Holly and Olivia P here. On Friday 22nd of November all of year 5/6 had a journey into the hall to have an amazing morning full of science. We had lots of experiments to test such as sinking sachete where we had a sachete of tomato ketchup,  we put it in to a bottle full of water and squeezed the bottle until the sachete sank to the bottom. We had many different experiments to conduct and after all the experiments were done we went outside and tested the rockets that we made from bottles ,corks and cardboard. I think my favourite part of the morning was when we went outside to test our rockets and some went on the roof it was great fun! Overalll we really enjoyed our morning and would love to do it again soon!

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Harvest 2013

Hey guys!! Its Dan and Mason here, on the 25th of October 2013 we had a Harvest celebration assembly, all of the classes preformed a Harvest piece.

Year 3/4 Mrs James did a Harvest poem about food, Miss James 3/4 class did a peace poem, Mr Johnson 4/5 did a Harvest song about a farmer growing seeds, Mr stones 5/6 class reproduced what does the fox say, here is the link and Mrs Roden Sharps year 6 did a Harvest rap. They were all very creative as well as being fabulous.

We had a beautiful loaf of Harvest bread made sadly the staff forgot to cut it :( .


Wednesday, 16 October 2013

New Digital leaders

Hey guys It's Holly here.At Cefn fforest primary we have brand new digital leaders digital aprentices and all brand new digital ambassadors. Digital Apprentices are Morgan Phillips,Erin Moore,Lily Jay and Morgan Wheeler.Digital leaders are Issobelle Jones,Liam Wild,William Cassley,Olivia Pritchard,Leah Hadley,Ross Henley and Erin Moore. Then our brand new Digital Ambassadors are Holly McDonald,Mason Hook,Daniel Lacey,Olivia Lane, Taylah Sterry, Cameron Dury and Joseph Cooper. All the ambassadors and Mr Stone are looking forward to an exciting year working with our new Digital leaders.

Monday, 30 September 2013

Staff Meeting

Hey Guys!! The digital Leaders / Ambassadors are hosting a staff meeting today at 3:30pm to 4:00pm all of us are really excited.

We are showing them the apps QRrafter, Book Creator , Explain everything, Popplet, Keynote and pages. It'll be fantastic showing what the apps can do! The Digital leaders / Ambassadors that are involved are Holly M, Daniel L, Mason H, Olivia L, Taylor S and Liam C.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Digital Leader Team

The Digital Leader network in school is continuing to grow as is the use of ICT at Cefn Fforest Primary. The Leaders have done a fantastic job over the past year and they have lots to look forward to in the near future.

The main priority at the start of this term was to appoint Digital Leaders and Digital Apprentices in the Year 4 and 5 classrooms. Last years Digital Leaders have now assumed the role of Digital Ambassodors and they have been looking through applications  and conducting interviews in search for the appropriate candidates to join their team. 

The Digital Ambassodors work throughout the whole school while the Digital Leaders and Apprentices work solely within their classroom to start with. The names of the successful candidates are yet to be revealed but, the Digital Leader team has now grown from 6 last year to 17 this year, ensuring coverage throughout the whole of KS2. 

The Team will start training on Monday, focusing on apps most commonly used within the classroom. The Ambassodors will train the Digital Leaders and the Digital Leaders will then train the Apprentices. The Ambassodors have also been booked in to provide staff training, with visits to other Primary Schools also in the pipeline. There's plenty going on with much, much more to do. With the acquisition of more iPads and iPad minis, these are exciting times for the use if ICT to facilitate learning in the Cefn Fforest Primary. 

Monday, 15 July 2013

Llangrannog 2013

Hey guys! Its Joe, Cam and Dan. On the 12th of July some of year five and six went to Llangrannog in West Wales with the teachers Miss James, Mrs James and Mr Stone, there were lots of schools there not just our school.

We did lots of activities like swimming, quad biking, skiing , Horse riding, tobogganing and  go carts. We also did  a mud adventure course, orienteering, high ropes, low ropes, climbing wall and trampolining. They  were fun do take part in and were extremely amazing. It was six in each room and we stayed there for three days and two nights. Our rooms were very nice and clean. We would choose between ourselves who could go in each bed. The teachers chose who was in our rooms and they put us with our friends. We had to take responsibility of our rooms such as keeping it tidy and try and not leave anything behind when we came back.

Our favorite activity was tobogganing because we had multiple goes and sometimes we fell off and it was funny. We also really liked the go carting, orienteering and the quad bikes we would give Llangrannog a 9/10 because it is always room for improvement.


Southerndown Beach Trip

Hey guys! Its Dan and Joe here. On the 8th of July year five and six went to southerndown beach by Bridgend. At first we walked down tothe beach and then everyone put suncream on then jumped in the water, some people went looking for crabs and other people dug holes and squirted people with water guns LOL!

After that we all had lunch some people  played tennis, Rugby and Football, others kept looking for Crabs in the rockpools.Meanwhile beach ball set off to sea and Mr Evans tried to catch it but it sadly floated off.

After that we all went into the sea and we got extremely wet some people went underneath the water after that we all came back up from the sea and got dressed then had a ice cream and some people had a drink then we all had a walk back up to the bus and went home.

                                                                   Thanks guys bye
                                                                      Dan and Joe

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Hey guys! Olivia and Taylah here! Today (10/7/13) all the digital leaders (Olivia,Taylah,Holly,Dan,Joe and mason) visited blackwood comp. We went to Blackwood comp because we went to an ICT workshop and the year ten’s showed us this new app on the computers called scratch, it was so fun to learn off them. On Scratch you can make differnt scenes with different animals, you can even design games on there ( we made a game of space raders). We were there along with another 17 pupils from various different schools. Heres what Daniel thought ” It was amazing to learn how to use and fun to make games on!”

We are currently trying to download scratch onto our computers in school! We think everybody there had a great time!

Olivia and Taylah

P.S. Sorry its such a short blog but nothing much apart from that happened!

Police dog visit

Hey guys its Joe and mason here. It`s been a fun morning,police men/girls with dogs came to our school
and put on a little show,their were many dogs including
Oozy and Roy.

The most intresting part was when Mr Stone got chased by Roy the biggest  dog they have.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Taekwon do comes to Cefn Fforest

Hi guys its  Dan, Holly and Joe and  here!  On Monday the 1st of July taekwondo came to our school we had a half an hour session learning diffrent kicks, punches and self defence.

Our first thing that we learnt was a punch we punched the bags then we did another punch which was extremely amazing. Then we did some kicks the first one that we did was a front kick, you had to put your knee and kick keep your toes back and and hit the bag. 

 We also did self defence so basically what to do if somebody grabs you or tries to hurt you.He showed us this one spot that really hurts if you pinch it ( Somebody did it to me and I nealy cried ) :( then he tought us another one when if somebody grabs you from the front you can get out of it by getting your hand and pushing it against somebody elses hand and then their hand should have let go.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Legacy Games

Hey guys its Joe and Dan here! On Wednesday we went to the Legacy Games in Cardiff indoor athletics center. We went into our school hall and painted Czech Republic flags on our faces because it was like the Olympics and we were Czech Republic. Lots of schools went, even welsh schools were there!

We got there by a mini bus, when we got there we were colossally exited. We went upstairs to get to where our school should be sitting then a man talked about what we were going to do and things. Then everyone did a lap of the circuit for our opening evening evryone went mental ha ha!

Our first event that we did was takwondo we did a couple of punches and a lot of kicks some of the kicks that we did were side kick and front kick. We only had 20 minutes but it was still amazing. The next activity that we did bowls but you had to sit down we we were playing against Cwmcarn primary school.

Then we played tennis we did a warm up then we played skittles which is a game when the boys go over to one side of the net and the girls on the other then the girls had to hit the boys and the boys are not aloud to move then we switched so the boys had to hit the girls after the we partnerd up and hit the ball across the net to each other we did that for the rest of te activity. Next we did Netball we played a game like bulldogs but nobody was on it it was extremely fun then we split up to 4 teams and we played a game.

Then we had lunch for half an hour then we went out to play hockey we had a practise how to hold a Hockey stick propoly then we partnerd up and had a race against other pairs it was ezhilarating we all loved it. The next activity was rugby againts Cwmcarn our school had a Boys and a Girls team when Daniel was playing for us and he had the ball and bumbed his chin and his gums were bleading but it was still amazing.

After that we went back inside we did Javelin and Long jump in the sand lots of people did amazing throws some people even beat the teacher! Most people beat  the teacher, the teacher wanted us to go miles. Then we did the long jump but it was a standing start george went really far and others went extreamly far some people went two metres.

Then we did Rowing. First of all we did a mini circut first one of the stops were squats then it was press ups with some of the boys they made it harder and put there hands in a diamond shape and the last one was keeping our knees up high so we would jog keeping our knees up high then we would do it as quick as we could. Then we went on to a Rowing machine and Rowed for about two minutes flat then had a break and had another go it was amazing.

The last activitie that we did was Gymnastics we had a walk around the mat first of all ( it felt like jelly ) Then we split into groups and used springboards it was extremely fun I enjoyed it. Then we did not use the springboard and did rolly polies, handstands and cartweels on the mat.

Finnaly we had the ending ceremony everybody was really tired so it was not as mad as the opening ceremony, then we went on the bus and went home.

                                                 Thanks guys for reading!!
                                                            Joe & Dan       

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Sports Day

Hi guys! Olivia and Taylah here along with Leah and Keira. On 19th june from 9:30 until 12 noon we held sports day on the infant field ( Luckily the weather was on ourside!). On the field were all the classes from nursery to year 6. There was a numerous amount of competitions ranging from the sprint to obstical courses. When you came either 1st, 2nd or 3rd you would win a certain amount of points for your house which would either be Green, Red, Yellow or Blue. The winning team of sports day was ...    Yellow with 480 points, followed by Red with 429 points, then Green with 283 points and Blue with 218 points.

Here's what Keira and Leah thought about sports day. Keira said "It was a bit boring after a while because we just had to sit there and do nothing but when you took part it was fun". Leah said "Sports day was fun when you were in it but after a while we got quite hot and bothered". Taylah said "I loved sports day at first, but it was a hot day and we had to wait around alot. When I done my race which was skipping although I didn't Win. When i had finished racing I got quite bored because I had to sit and watch again".

 If we were to improve sports day we would let everyone have a go at more races and have more interesting races. 
Overall we had a good sports day and we all had fun!

                                                                   We will blog again soon,

                                                                   Taylah,Olivia,Leah and Keira

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Jump Rope For Heart

These are children from 5/6LS

On Thursday the 23rd of May we had a jump rope for heart. We had to raise money for equipment. All of the classes had one hour to go round a circuit that Miss James set for us we would have things like limbo under a big rope we also had game cards that we had to try and do then after we did the circuit   the teachers got a big rope and then they did a competition.After that we all had a tiptop each they were very yummy he he.We all loved it and we hope we could have another one next year!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Football team season 2012 - 2013

Callum chasing down the ball

Hey guys it is cameron and callum here. We are some of the members of the football team and we are going to tell you what the stats were from the tournements this year including the cluster league and the urdd tournement. The school tournements were extremely fun and enjoyable, the top three goalscorers were: first Kyle Thompson second Cameron Dury third Callum Lewis (the captain of the team). 

The whole team did really well and in the cluster league we came second losing by 1 point! Because we came 2nd we got through the the finals day where the top two teams from 5 leagues play against each other. Again, we missed out on the top two by one point in the group stages! Our training sessions are once a week (every wednesday) on the school playground. Every session we train as hard as we can to make progress in our football.

Callum showing great technique when taking a free kick

Year 5 Tests 2013

Hey everyone! It's Katie,Abbie and Jayden here from Year 5. This morning we had a difficult reading test,the first part we had to find information within the text. We had questions like true or false,we also had to choose different options,we had to find phrases and we had a paragraph of writing and we had to underline words.The first paragraph was about bats the next one was about birds the last one was about Daniel and the crows. Katie said that some bits were hard and some were quite easy although Abbie thought it was very nerveracking but i enjoyed it and got through it. We have still got our maths test to do this afternoon, wish us good luck! He He